We have all been there and done that. We hang on to our exes and try to get them to come back. Some succeed while some crash and burn. But what you didn’t know till now is that there is a particular plan of action to follow after a breakup, to get your ex to come back. It has been tested and proven. So to the guys and gals, who wish to get their previous partner back, follow these tips.

1. Do not contact him or her after the breakup

No doubt that breakup is hard to handle. It is emotionally draining and mentally exhaustive. And there is a constant urge to text the ex for some closure and guidance as it was the go-to thing before the breakup.
Learn to control that and distance yourself from them. This means no sort of contact like texting, calling and any other means of connection. Learn to prevent yourself from talking even if they reach out to you, as this technique helps to keep your emotions in check, balance the mind, teach yourself that you can go on without him or her and give you and them to re-evaluate the relationship.

2. Focus on you

During this time, use it to focus and invest in yourself. Spend more time with you, do all the things you want and learn to appreciate yourself. Buy yourself clothes, take yourself out for movies, ice cream and enjoy life with a positive mind with the least care in the world about your ex.

Focussing on you will help become one with yourself and help to evaluate everything in your life and appreciate all the things you have. Change your outlook, the way you dress, the way you speak and think. It’s sure to make the ex-go nuts when they see how happy you are without them.

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3. Do not relapse into their arms

Prevent yourself from using any pity and pathetic ways to catch the attention of the ex. Do not brag about other people you’ve been seeing or not, using compassion as a means to catch the eye, being overly affectionate, begging them to come back, ready to put up with anything to get them back, and continually contacting them and letting them know about our grievances.

4. Run into each other

By the time the previous steps are followed, you’ll be in a comfortable position if you run into them and ask them for a coffee. You will be in a state of mind where you would want things to work out, but even if they don’t, you’ll be happy either way. That’s when you know your healing and on the right path.

5. Re entry

You can understand if they are still into you, by the way, they talk, maintain eye contact, bring up long behind memories, praising you about your new looks and how he/she hasn’t met anyone as good as you. If the spark reignites and you feel this is right, and he/she has changed for you, then you can guarantee they are looking for an entrance back to your life.